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July 2017


-Check out new video clips in my media section and a new main page photo. Expect more changes in the months to come!

-Check out part 3 of "Fallout: Revelation". Featuring yours truly! 

-I was honored to be a part of Francis Ford Coppola's experimental workshop, "Distant Vision". Check out this link for more info!

-Opened and closed a play for the Fringe! "The Rising". A satire of our current political climate.

-Adobe commercial is running on new media and cable!.

-Shot an out of town project this summer called "Love Will Out" playing a man desperately trying to prove himself to a woman with a very persistent ex.

-Booked a short called "Limbo". I play high-powered agent to an artist in a slump.

-Shot a feature called "Polar" playing a dumpster diver who notices some very strange behavior.

-Booked a web-series called "McDick" where I play a suspect with an air-tight alibi.

-Started rehearsal for Nicky Silvers' Pterodactyls. A play about a very dysfunctional family. We open in September at a theater near you (if you live in Culver City).