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November 2017


-Check out new video clips in my media section and a new main page photo. Expect more changes in the months to come!

-Check out part 3 of "Fallout: Revelation". Featuring yours truly! 

-I was honored to be a part of Francis Ford Coppola's experimental workshop, "Distant Vision". Check out this link for more info!

-In rehearsal for "Inspecting Carol". A farce about a theater company trying to do their annual Christmas show. Incidentally, this was the first show I was in in L.A.! Full circle...

-In rehearsal for a staged reading about a terrible injury and remarkable recovery at Sacred Fools - "Last 12 Years of Phineas Gage"

-Booked a short film about a college student new to the US finding her voice, "Independent Spouse".

-Booked a short film "Power Play". I'm a doctor trying to help a troubled teen.

-Participated in a reading of "Huzzah". An adult fairy tale along the lines of Monty Python meets Princess Bride.

-Shot a short about a father in the hospital and a daughter just trying to get his approval, "Strained".