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October 2021

-Wishing everyone a much, much brighter 2021!

-Slowly but surely (and safely) getting back to work!

-Check out new video clips in my media section and a new main page photo. Expect more changes in the months to come!

-Check out part 3 of "Fallout: Revelation". Featuring yours truly! 

-I was honored to be a part of Francis Ford Coppola's experimental workshop, "Distant Vision". Check out this link for more info!

-Booked a small role in a film that I can't say too much about right now but keep checking back!

-Shot a co-star on "The Morning Show"! Watch for it early in the season.

-The video I shot has dropped. Head over to youtube and check out Megan Thee Stallion's "Thot Shit"! It is getting tons of views, lots of great comments, and even made the news!

-More voice over work in the VR game world. Reprising and continuing the role of "Butter".

-In rehearsal for a virtual reading of "Gallathea" and for a podcast play "Galatea" about the opening of Pygmalion.

-Will be shooting a feature "Ellipses and Semi-Colons" playing a professor with questionable intentions.

-Rehearsals start soon for "59 Inches" playing a side show barker and a canadian jailer.

-Shot a commercial for a cloud collaboration app where I played founding father Ben Franklin!