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            I was privileged to spend a few months with LA Theatre Works on the national tour of "Dracula". I got to visit new cities and towns across the U.S., learn new acting skills for live radio theater (including live on-stage Foley), and most important I was honored to work with a most amazing cast and creative team to bring this chilling story to life!


Take a look at this great press!!

“An L.A. Theatre Works performance is immediate, spontaneous and features a first-rate cast, live sound effects, and a connection to the audience rarely felt in a traditional theater setting. This an event.”

“While it may seem unlikely that an audience can become absorbed in a production inwhich the actors perform to stand-up mics with little physical relation to each other, this company swiftly negates that. The passion and dramatic intensity of the cast helps us make a leap between what we see on the stage and what we start ‘seeing’ within our minds. The proficiency and skill of the L.A. Theatre Works actors is aptly displayed...creating communication and exchange of feeling between the performers that is impressive and often breathtaking.”
Larry Kurbert, Theatre Critic, Lincoln Star Journal

Here we are:


And be sure to keep up with LA Theatre Works for more incredible live radio plays!!